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Micro Machines 2 - Turbo Tournament Reviews

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A down from top view of autos miniature, lorries, by boat and helicopters; single-level memory gradual play; multiplayer option; this may be but one play machinery micro. But no, already we've got it play. Then it must be micro continuation tool grinder and sharpener 2 - turbo tournament.

Again you get control of autos miniature and you will have to race AI opponent of or your friend on different localities as are kitchen table, billiard table, shopfloor, school - desk, garden, baths etc .

option out be as heterogeneous how - locations are: there are snappers, fly - boat, turfy programs, tanks, jeeps, figure and much more vehicles to elected. You spend hours just check - out rung and vehicles. If you think it ends here did you be mistaken!

There are also about 20 by other drivers and opponent of to pick. His such astonishing play! :) we epinephrine level leapt only thereforethat the I deliberate play right now - only envision what it feel like playing that then! :)

operating controls are simple - you only need to sped, turn and slow down. There are a few regimes playing. You can contend computer opponent of in single races or turnajíchnebo you can race your friend in lead to main mode.

Graphic art be but sweet and strains are satisfactory. Lastly, that is all around whacking games that would had brightly get mark from 5. High recommended!

If this will sound like Kosta - ovo review tool grinder and sharpener micro it is for it is!

So what are the discrepancy between part one and part two?Well this play offers much more!

To one you can edit tracks (it's true, you can choose where race and with it, what).

Also there be more advanced multiplayer election, inclusive party amusing mode which supports 16 player!!! Now it is actual heat price side!

So yet what are you waiting for? Draw down and play to!!!

You need to sped DOSBOX (until 6000 cycles) to games to ran in due form.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Supersonic Software Ltd.


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