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Michael Jordan za letu je typická hra košíkové, ale se zkroucením. Perspektiva a kontrola jsou jedinečná v této hře. Jeho udělaný v 3 roz


Destruction Derby 2 Reviews

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extreme track, single-level memory autos, that are two headliness for play Destruction Derby 2. Z last part authors instruct and simplify manageability and revamped couple of things such as graphic art and physics out.

on side have you got two print races, wrecking race or works ride, in wrecking race you can choose either practical race or total demolition of, in practical race nobody's autos mutually, while in total demolition of all soupeřisoustředí only up to you and survive such race is next to impossible. At selection autos pick out and complication games if choose slow car race will simple respectively. Playability is venial and to anyone would didn't have do not even you smallest problems.

after graphic page games is destruction the derby almost perfect. Máte - li taste broken couple of nice - looking out had a chance.

source: http://www.old - cans.com

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Psygnosis



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