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Wolfenstein 3D Reviews

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Wolfeinstein 3D is one of the first known 3D action plaies from "personal look", which got into consciousness players.

Vžíváte into role B.J.Blakowicze, American spy behind 2. vol . wars. Was be on inquiry captive and imprisoned in the castle Wolfenstein. Managed you fortunately along into cell smuggle in also stilettothat the kill hillside?ného, when you walks just now check. Collect him pistole and struggle for freedom and survival is just beginning...

graphic art was at the time publication absolute point. Anything like that till now wasn't seen... Variety and "detail" fabrics urged player come in on on and on. Ka?puts change fabric meant fever. Run be between bricks, maze from stone, sides overgrown wartwort, dark blue sides with fuss skull and swastika, be here imagery leader, mosaic, bunting SS and empire, demurrage charges lamps, increases, chemist, chambers, quantity enemies and splendid arms with yet adhesive?ími strains.

developers however undid only first episode, on next relates law about author's rights.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Id Software


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