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In summer 82, in lonely computer laboratory at the University of Evergreen State, Doug Smith sat mostly alone. It was Dougova work to engage computer laboratory to close down anybody arbitrated use it, but summer wasn't computer laboratory busiest time. So hold themselves engaged, Doug decided to write computer play with his wealthy free time. At that lonely computer laboratory over the summer ditch runner be formed.

Ditch success runner can not be attenuated. Ditch runner originally be done almost any possibility of system: Apple II, commodore 64, VIC-20, Atari 8 - bit, Atari ST, NES, DOS and next, and later again- vydání found outthat the be on most systems since. Chance are if did you played computer games for some /every /no spell, did you played ditch runner at one point. In his original run ditch runner sold stillion copy. No bad for play which begin as summer project.

In ditch runner you play part treasure collection hero with nagging laser. Object be like each other on each of 150 cathode - raytubes: collect whole treasure and escape to highest step ladder with your life. Yes, it's true, 150 levels of brick kicky action. Every level require plan and technology to hammered. You can fall harmlessly running potholes dug with your laser, but your enemy will temporarily incarcerate and reduce to some /every /no treasure they wear if they're lured v.

While confined to hole you can safely go over sb.'s head incarcerate enemies, but don't wait long or will creep on and get you. Within short probe they will bottle back in which means instantaneous death for whosever is yet inside. Occasionally you will need to dug row holes to put themselves room to dug next row so that you can get treasure which be buried several strata deep. Occasionally blocks as though you do you see are not in reality there and you find myself fall through blocks in sometimes unfit but occasionally life - saving moments.

Paid attention levels, that you play to. Boards sometimes was designed no so much with play amusing call appeal for in view but ascetics.It's amusing at the time while desperately hedging enemy to stopped and say, "waiting, ladders upon this level spell ' ditch runner ' !" (level 44)

perhaps key to ditch success runner, nevertheless was thatthat it%%= was one of the first mod - able plaies. OK, not as quite mod - able, but it bring in straight editor allowing promising play advance designer do their personal levels of and participate be abreast of friends, as though original 150 weren't enough to. Use straight editor you will need disk buckler your levels of on, that if you usethat the DOSBOX will believe familiarizing themselves with disk mounting orders. So rag was ditch běžec - ovo straight creative feature as though it prompted following up "masterlike ditch runner" at once next year (unfortunately no DOS version known) with only 50 levels, but most provocative ditch levels of runner suggested.

If et hoc genus omne it seems too provocative, defy. Ditch runner lets you modify number lifes and even lets you jump levels of. Making so you will not you don't get your name on high score list, but at least you are not confinement to straight forward play thought, always wondering what straight 106 he looks like, because cannot run through level 15.

This play she could have best be called quickly and raging riddle solving. It's simple to study / knew , challenge to manage, and always have plenty to bade then cos vys be done playing.

3 version ditch runner are in this file. Discrepancy between V1 and V2, I don't know, but one in lrslow is designed hereto, to play high-speed computer. If you have you got slow computer or decelerate DOSBOX V2 behave well. If no, adhere to patchy version.

Year of publication: 1983

Made by: Br?¸derbund Software, Inc.


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