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Life and Death 2 - The Brain Reviews

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Life and death 2 is final L&D play made, "if you didn't you inarticulate mine review life and death 1 then would ought go and read it but I I will pass some of what I'm he said in those review."

in L&D2 you games role surgeon and doctor in Toolworks hospital. This time principal focus games is brain, where how L&D1 be about pot belly.

Also was to there lump improvement like be more informative diagnosis. You get into inquire into most there bodies this time (faces, arms and legs). Also, you will have several new tools such as hammer, pin, CAT SCAN and MRI scanning.

This also will do so harder than before but soon you will learn thanks small in play book. A whacking thing this time is you can do all operation all of a sudden, no more must stop one before shift on than in L&D1.

Operating is more complex also there be more things to followed such as C02 level and urinary exit as well as good ole EKG. Also operating can be funnier right now with better graphic art and sound and ability use awl reamer.

Now if this come short of, to make you draw down it then you you are going best look next play how L&D2 is real precious stone, how working version it is very rare.

So go and relish this whacking play. (I evaluate this play 5 for it is rare whacking play)

1. Where's sound? I'm turned it except by default turn it on by using clipboard in your office.

2. Does L&D2 work in DOSBOX? Yes it easily work in DOSBOX.

3. This play be too hard!This was designed to was to hard, only advances in checking and have a look in recap in

4. Is there more help for this play?When in play will start operation then left and go line.

5. You can help me?No! Go out cheque Abandonia forum!

Vychutnávejte play ;)

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Software Toolworks, Inc., The


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