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Ničivá síla byla vyvinutá a publikovaný ID Interactive (nebo vyvinutý DynastySoftware, jak nějaké zdroje říkají) v roce 1996 (nebo 1997).


Lakers vs Celtics and the NBA Playoffs Reviews

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Lakers against Keltic is outstanding play basket - ball. Although much old, that can always offer much merry making, since its play is inspired! There are many regimes in which the you can play to, inclusive against to a friend. Team list is full, and player dumps exactly and rich in detail. It's quite interesting to played with all those now- retired basketball field. Graphic art are somewhat typical of Electronic umění - ův early fruit- ninetieth age games - simple but functional. I I trust you won't you do not have but me no buts hereto. Sound is PC-SPEAKER oriented, so would you should not expect more'n couple of peep and peep. Yet, it is a very good and simple to learned / knew play basket - ball which provide you with funnier than most late EA sports titles.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Electronic Arts, Inc.


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