Genghis Khan II - Clan of the Gray Wolf
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Genghis Khan 2 je mnoha způsoby vyšší verze prequel. Vyznačuje se lepší grafickou, lepší hudbu, a mnohem lepší bojový systém. Vyznačuje s


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KOEI be exceedingly diligent in his first year, producing seven plaies, one of which were to be L'Empereur. Play arranges you in role Napoleonu, from the start his path to his final glory of- dnům how indisputable ruler France.

You start play with much small by force, and just like historical Napoleon, you will need use your the artillery to break through enemy lines. Total attack meets certain defeat. Best strategy is to demoralized enemy troops with gun blasts, then setting - off be over with your terrestrial force. Cavalry work best against infantry, and infantry is best against the artillery. BUT... even if things make a fine show and enemy loses one banner after next, you can always encounter defeat if you run foods. You must always be prepared for long conflict, and would had always takes more food with you than thinkthat the you will need.

After playing peas for a while you start, how Napoleon did, love your the artillery. It's most important tool on battlefield. A handful divide by can turn flood wars, so buckler these troop with your life. You will have to place your ordnance in strategic positions, how terrain arrangements; you cut dead behind woods, mountains, and next objects, that hold under váš - ův range divide by and effectiveness. This work towards so have you: Use terrain your advantage. Built - up traps in valley, where enemy can only cross successively. Place himself out of series enemy dělnebo hide themselves behind hindrances. A anything you do you do, continue corruptive enemy with your the artillery.

L'Empereur can be controlled with either mouse or keyboardthat the go down play made in the year 1991. Mouse can be a little baby buggy at the time, vacation of ghost image or fadeaway occasionally, but this will not hurt play at all, how so is taking only a few seconds to either switch cathode - raytubes, do ghost image go away-or localize your mousethat the always zdůrazňujevšechno on mouseover. To she could have give map instructions, you simply hold down left key mice and pick order from mandatory bar which appear on angular point screens.

Concerning music in play, that be in fact quite appealing to time. I be liable to recall myself listening to music again and again how baby (to trouble my parents). Music and strains they will killed at sight today, but back then that were play at maximum output in rooms children all the world over.

Unfortunately, this play is one of the few KOEI strategic plaies it hasn't multiplayer function.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: KOEI Co., Ltd.


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