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Zatímco na první pohled tato hra se zdá být RPG, to je opravdu moc hlouběji než to. Vize následků: Boomtown začíná jako, že vy vyjdete z


Jonny Quest - Curse of the Mayan Warriors Reviews

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Back in middle sixty drawing duly justified Jonny search discovered on TV. It was show well before his sometimes. That'd much whacking feature sci - fi set time had, with advantage of being animated, so when show broadcast again in 90s it do not look like really dated.

Now before you there's a computer adventure Jonnya search. This play be done for DOS only namely has nothing to do with Jonnyem play search made for others PCs . (C64, spectrum ZX, Amstrad...).

Play has nicely pulled VGA graphic art which really catch spirit drawings play based on. Sound leaves one somewhat dissatisfied though. There is also slip - up involved in joystick verification, so don't implore calorimeter for solutions this won't work in due form. But then again, play be easy to played with keyboard so this is not really problem.

A what's story about?

Did you Jonny search (of course). Accompanied your friend and adoptive brother hajji and your dog robber, you agree with your father and his jack- - celo -trades- mužský works Bennon, on mission to Guatemalské jungle. Several ancient Mayan objects disappeared without ft and your father get called to examined. Among by all the artifacts loss five are decisive importance. They be out from hidden temple tical and their extraction has woken echo Mayan Warriors. At least it is that a, what superstitious villagers in near dreaded. You need to sought about jungle in order to get to bottoms thing and on way you encountering other people who you will be able speak, but rather fight is.

Buoy they may seem bite tricky, before you get accustomed to keys. You will need numerical part keyboard and SHIFT and MODIFIKAČNÍCH KLÁVES. Possession shift and move towards opponent of you will put bot at him. Hold controls and move towards opponent of you will put strokes at him. Simply compression driving keys, that you will walking and jumping motion screens. Also during buoy you can get some mysticism assistance from your friend hajji, who will hover your opponent of for a while, leaving him powerless in mid air. You can also use weapon. Pressing G let you activate it, so any time you print F you will fire away in direction Jonnyovi faces. Opponent of get tougher though, so if you can, implore speak your road from buoy.

Failing that pressing escape give you explication of what another keys do. Only keep in mindthat the after pressing F3 (inventory), you put through it with kurzovými keies, you lift material with F1 and will reduce to be abreast of F2, but you use be abreast of ENTER.

; the point is to returned missing artifacts, so you will need to speak to populace areas. There will also be much search, especially from your movement isn't restricted to land clearing. You can go through the wood (not always though) which means you will not be able to see Jonnya or other people on occasion, because play has down from top look and if you move through the wood, everything you do you see are tree apexes.

You can also communicate race and Jonnyův father over wristwatch and get several tips from nichnebo call them for help if you be in real jam.

Together, that be firm action adventurous play, where you need to find and use material, at making more then average quantity fights (at least more then average some /every /no real life archaeological expeditions I I'm-at all when lecture on). It come in handy to entertainment and because of fights you will not even won't you hamper reproduction it sometimes.

You will need to slackened DOSBOX down to perhaps 1000 cycles, how play does run instant on modern computers.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: MicroIllusions


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