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Jetpack Reviews

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Jetpack is old playthat the become freeware (abandonware) a few years ago. This play is merry making and provocative. Aim in jetpack is to rallied of the whole green jewelry in level to open out escape door. On the way are bad robots which wanted kill you.

Levels of stand up to made player think. In levels are another sorts terrain, divers are destructible with your phaser, others are not. Also levels of contain things like ladders, and teleporters and limit which they need be deactivate with disconnect switch. Monster they may use teleporters and cut - outs.

Arterial highway player wheel displacement be abreast of jetpack. Some levels of however make you get your jetpack before, than you can fly. You have you got given fuel quantity so don't waste all of it.

Enemy in jetpack everything have there skills. Trackbots can stroll around and move up ladders and in teleporters. Headwaters only go up and down. Thrush storm - cocks go in given design. Spoke only move diagnolly, ect. These most cannot be killed. Play has handsome graphic art but enemy/player contemplation pixelish. Sound in play is ok, with many "vital strains" also.

One of cool lynxs in Jetpack is editor. You can create your own levels of and play to is so much how do you do you want. Editor is easy - to - use and levels of they may be done quicly. Next feature is "boss" key. This would take exception to play and put you in forgery MS-DOS command prompt so your boss in would haven't seenthat the did you playing games (more plaies would have had this lol). Kinda needless right now all the same cool feature.

It's comical play riddle worth try out.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Adept Software


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