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In those playthat the you control J - Bird, anything this abbreviation can believe. The point is to changed all tile on pyramid to appropriate . Make it you must jump into them at give wide berth enemies.

In spite of goodliness our hero, that hasn't only friend. Dangerous reds sphere wander whole pyramid. They will drop off quickly, but touch be wrapped up it's never wise things, that be to make. Also, inglorious pitch afferent bullseye caths can seem at the bottom levels of. They be more dangerous than sphere as they can jump criss - cross like J - Bird. Fortunately they no vouchsafe to followed him too much. But most irritating creatures are Frogs. They act like reds sphere with a number of differences. Frogs be quick, edible (only jump into them) and come back some /by any /no tilethat the they jump on previous state. In other words some of your work will wrecked. Perhaps poisonous sometimes. As though that was not enough to, sometimes big red sphere can be seen. Take care for they contain arch - enemy J - Bird: feared King - Bo snake. It acts our bird how reliable source foods and that is always hungry. It'll be hunt you right- cathode - raytube. There's a way to trick it. Make surethat the find it.

Good news is as though player can defend themselves. Several wings are diversion about pyramid. Leap into them allows J - Bird fly to angular point levels of. Sometimes this can eke out your nose but keep in mindthat the every couple of can be used but one. If you be happy enough to, blue sphere can seem. Catch it will deep-freeze enemies for some seconds and offer next articles. Massing some score brings you new lease of life.

Four levels of problems be offered. High evaluation worksheet holds separate indices for each of them. In playing novice can be boring, middleman should befit best beginners. Advanced gives funnier because you will have to display good inflexed back in certain situations and inhuman is wildest mode. By selection last making you to face storm! High dexterity recommended.

Play supports only PC speaker sound. Intriguingly it is not vain. Pixel are visible through play but high playability upsets this.

J - Bird is to was recommended for coffee break playing. It be quick nor too attractive so you can leave any time. Enemy' completely accidental shift (except in King - Bo) will ensure, to player have to give wide berth near confrontation and play will hide & search with his enemies. Simply telling J - Bird is Cat and mouse play worth playing, with you be later.

Year of publication: 1983

Made by: Orion Software, Inc.


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