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Předtím, než já říkám vám něco o hře já musím mluvit o vývojáři. Jeho jméno je John Romero. On udělal několik drobných zvěří (většinou v


Arcade Volleyball Reviews

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Arcade volleyball is play from year 1987 from firm Microforum. Play do they really very simple. Her size is mere 40 kB and graphic art be merely CGA but it from her at all gun 3patnou play, even on the contrary.

Jednás about classical volleyball, on side play for "small head" and try ball odhlavičkovat over net to competitor, so to you him back keep. Unfortunately on side cannot play against computer, because play is do for two player on one PC, but at that be just about her grande loveliness.

if you he will comethat the you somehow funny portrayals graphic art head, that's not the case. That graphic art really such is, but about graphic art and sound yet in téhle play at all doesn't go..

so that get chum and dust good old days, when are near those games first - rate entertained so as I.

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Microforum


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