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Agent Mlíčňák Reviews

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agent milt is very colourful, brilliant and amusing adverbialthat the surely will please fans hereof, for to someone perhaps a little "boring" genre. Acts then rather about such draw breath, near which titter and abreact.

story may seem a a little kitshy, but have something about one. One's sunny of the day you in short will take couple of agents into autos and carry you on unknown place, where you certain jolly good fellow will communicate something to somebodythat the will you solve mystery, which they don't know counsel. Problem isthat the from banks loses gold, so one secret agency chose randomly telephone number.

during your investigation run through training, encounter heap of people and have a look sometimes on really interesting seats. Biggest plus those gamete is, when it so say, sense of humour. General processing, ironic conception story and message statures simply have - not slip - up.

resultant impression you so perhaps will not pull down not a bit female sound distribution with graphic art, but I thinkthat the after some the minute play such like things won't you have already no idea.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Metropolis Software



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