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Autoduel Reviews

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Autoduel is unique play. It's mixture among - hrající play role and driving games. It be based on board game automobile Wars. You only need one person to play it on PC, though. When you start playing Autoduel you create driver. You you can choose how much points you do you want for three skills: driving skill, mechanic, and marksmanship. Every ability will help you on your search.

After you create driver, you go into a place after- apocalyptical world Autoduel. You can then anything do you want, whether that does car or fight in arena for ready cash and glory of. ; driver can advance his life creation clone or buckler themselves wearing amour. Even most protection drivers they may die though, either fight in arena or be destroyed Outlaws who infest roads Autoduel.

Most your time playing Autoduel will spent in your made to order car. You be able to do your car anything you can dream of: luxury car with machine - gun and heavy rackets or even lorry with flame - thrower and smokescreen equipped piggyback. Anything you pick, you be able to do your car better by buying arms and ammunition, boards amour, power station, stopping and even tyres. You can park your car in garage for fee and go buy next car.

Exploitation be something, what is he doing Autoduel unique. After demolition outlaw or fighter arena, you can get out of your autos and life - saving arms and part of his/her autos. Salvaged parts can be go for life - saving dealings located in most cities. If you you do not have played Autoduel, you should draw down it right now. I stipulate as though it'll be be worth removing. You spend hours attempt at solve end - all games.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: ORIGIN Systems, Inc.


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