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První díl GTA má na svědomí skotská vývojářská společnost Rockstar North, dříve známá také jako DMA Design. Tato hra je historicky prvním dí


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This ancient play was probably mature for internal use in IBM but probably oozed (according to This flatlings scrolling shot departure- em - up was written in IBM Basic and only lynxs ASCII signs how graphic elements. Despite, IBM succeed in create vital flight malingering with horrible sound effect and magnificent visual. Nah... only joking :) but, you have to keep in mind, we speak 1982 on PC basis here, so what can expect?

Aim games is simple: fire away approaching enemy fighters and by building nuke underfoot. You get articles for everything, what do you destroy, and decreasing bombshells on top of Apple factory (one creation all those poisonous Macintosh PCs . with their impressive schmancy graphic plane glass surface and everything) is given you maximum. You have to care forthat the you don't waste your ammunition, since, what do you only have stint, but other than as though, that just flying up and down, shooting your lasers and dumping occasional bombshells on nothing innocent IBM rival company.

Operating controls are simple and done through numerical keyboard.8' and ' 2' do your aircraft go up and down and ' 5' stops movement.6 ' fires your laser, wild red sharp ray which be confidentthat the remove everything in his way.Pressing ' 4 ' lowers 10 kiloton little star on top of outhouse. It is that a. Don't get hit enemy, and lose no time into low to zeminebo you surely die. Sound effects pile from occasional speaker brands. It be enough basic play, but if you don't hamper poverty of graphic designer or sound, you can always have piece merry entertainment with it.

You should really run this in DosBOX and prig cycles a little (on mine machinethat the I'm got best result with perhaps 690 cycles). Start play running AUTOEXEC.BAT from components plaies.

Year of publication: 1982

Made by: IBM


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