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Michael Jordan za letu je typická hra košíkové, ale se zkroucením. Perspektiva a kontrola jsou jedinečná v této hře. Jeho udělaný v 3 roz


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After great success Comanche: Utmost overkill, play which come between simulator plaies gunship as soon as it get along, that be due as though NovaLogic could put you in opposite role: inside tank. By the help of of even Voxel Space motor which permitted much more realistickéhovypadajícího terrain in comparison with similar plaies, Armored fist come between malingerings tank made before and even some time after it was slack. In addition to his more realistic graphic art, his play overcame expectation, providing some additional features and making most others plaies tank obsolete.

You can choose among western and easter force, both have two sorts armour vehicles.Western force consist of M1A2 Abrams main battletanks and M3 Bradleyská militant vehicles cavalry, unearned apache attack helicopter, while T80 main combat tank, BMP-2 militant vehicles infantry, and MI-24W - ův Hindu - F - ův helikoptérybojové helicopter forms theEastern force. Balance be achieved making of both as regards virtually same, with one main combat tank type and one militant vehicle type. Every type troop has same type arms. West side of has slightly more ammunition, while easter side has slightly better achievement, but together, option as regards does not make wide difference. Any /every /any mission can be played from both as regards, and regardless of which sidethat the you pick, mission stay on same; only easter and western troop will interchanged. You cannot control snappers directly but can call them, as well as the artillery, for support.

There's a six campaign and one's training campaign, for on the whole 47 mission.You need to fecit player account to be able to play to kampaněnebo simply you can choose single mission from - ův conflicts - ův election.If you play to single mission from ' conflicts, you can edit mission. Missionary' purposes vary, but they all come down to preclusive whole marked by aims, similar missions in Comanche. Variety of terrain like grass, dirt, desert, and snow will visible, as well as night mission. sorts terrain are not much important, because most don't work play least. Cannot run into mud, deep snow - or water. Differences are failing that strictly visual and tack to atmosphere. Only part surrounding country which can work your play are trees, that will slow down you or stops you if you will rush in into them. Of course, same is true of tanks and blockhouses, whether wrecked or no. How in Comanche, vehicles they may withdraw from variety of damage. Tanks also renews involved parts back to functionality on their personal if enough to given time.

In contradistinction to Comanche, in which the you militant enemy forces alone, here you will mostly lead teams tanks. By pressing Esc or F10, you can strain from action vista of map view of battlefield to could give orders to teams. In upper genuine parts screens, you catch sight of small menu with a number of election which you may use choose tank, fixed term new checkpoint, remove going , and scroll map. Upper menu consists of different option for browsing current status teams, speeding up - time, and switching back to action look (made clicks on vojákovu face or pressing F10 again). Using map screens, you can choose some /every /no tank and control it. It is very simple and necessary to are could tamper with multiple periods. Printing Tab strain to the next period quicker, although this is not as useful when you have more than two teams. You can have up to four teams from four tanks every, so utmost quantity your soldiers is sixteen.

Notice thatthat the every tank can be set to the car or user control and as though these setting remnants when you switch to map look. As soon as you print some /by any /no povelovou key while in action look, car control switch custom controller. If you don't set verification back to car and change tank you control, previous tank will continue shift in the same direction or simply stop (depend on it rate of swelling when did you left), regardless of terrain or enemies. This make them session/posunujících ducks. On the other side, sometimes you will want to leave it that way so troop they may move straight forward without or simply shoot standing yet. Every team has one tank which serves how leader and that follows avenue of checkpoint if its verification be set to the car. Next tanks in team (below car verification) will follow leader. So, if you want, to tanks in same team to made another office, you will have to improvize custom controller.

Armour fist be too rude play. Don't let easier levels of deceive you. Above all, fore multiple tanks in multiple teams be too Demanding. You will find often themselves always change check - ups among of several tanks in order to get desired result. In most mission, checkpoint for each of your team are preset and enemy troop be usually place to meet you. You will have to erase checkpoint and given new immediately after mission begins, so your troop they may go safer way. At lead more'n one team, this may be much hard in order to do in time. Also, car- řídicí period tend to spend much ammunition and do not usually withdraw from no escapist action. If mission isn't easy, cannot rely on car check of the power, if ever. It'll be of course be an impossibility to handled much periods all of a sudden, but you will have to do best you can. As soon as you get handle on play, you succeed take out several enemy periods with your tank, but you can often appreciatethat the your teammates be out also, without making much damage. Sometimes they're very useful, but they demand patrolling too often. It is very hard to get multiple troop to drowe, fire away, and retain ammunition waythat the you do you want. So, more periods, that you have you got, rougher it get into control is. Do you usually have more periods at dealing with even more enemies, so you have to pother about your tanks, because you will need more'n couple of periods to are over mission. That is going to give you orderly impression of how difficult it can get.

Superior in almost every way and hardly perhaps is the only drawback, Armored fist be cock ofthat the best malingering tank from of his time. All fans Comanche it for some reason skip this play probably will that like. Although you can from time to time disconnect switch easier or more arkádě - similar malingerings tank, you surely return for more. A after you beat all mission, you can edit is and create your own challenges. Highly recommended to everyone.

Operating controls: Cursor keys - kinetic Alt tank + cursor keys - turret (and gunpoint) kinetic space - fire entrance - car - aim

you may use mouse to clicked on various option on control board tank, like zoom, car/user control or air/artillery support. Some of the most important election are: F1 - interval F2, F3, F4 - different views F5 - night visual F10 - map/action look Alt+A - car/user control Tab - next unitary Caps Lock - objective bolt assembly 1, 2, 3, 4, W - weapons selection 7 - the artillery 8 - fly - by - support

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: NovaLogic, Inc.


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