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An American Tail - Fievel Goes West Reviews

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I think did you everything acquainted herewith delightful little animated sign named Fievel: He's a little Russian mouse which travelled across the sea into America. Alas, storm caught him, and now he is alone. His first imposition is to found his family. This is the first "tail" you will play to.

You may not be an expert player to finished this delightful little adventure. Play be done for children (and us grownups rejector to aged at heart). It be full of delightful signs, and that, who implore hurtthat the you be as grotesque as though cannot confuse is for something else, than swines.

There's a danger close to also: Perhapsthat the would could get captive, and that is end of play - but if you be quick enough to this doesn't need to fash you.

Except riddles, that are really simple, American tail features some delightful little plaies which they will amuse you but not as quite will call appeal for, because they are not as though difficult.


you will need to rallied some things and bring them right place, so you should know, how make accessible your inventory. You need to drowe "cheesy" finger into Fievel, and when arrow is red you can make accessible inventory. Things, that you have you got there cannot be used accidentally;if you may use it, small button says ' using/puts ' or st. of that kind.Failing that, that will only be say ' downward tendency ' .

If you pull finger across cathode - raytube, you catch sight of seats where you can get out, as well as characters you can interact with. If you do you see something really impertinent (like marbles in pit), then it is that a, what probably you can lift.

That is all straight forward and simple - I'll will get in about it, how delightful I find all of this? Music is not as quite poisonous, but it is not score I'd like listened again and again. Backcloth, nevertheless are somewhat foreign. You get some really nice to, crisp image, but in other places you get impression that the picture suffer from bias.


operating controls are simple, and you you only need to print Esc to get into play menu. Although it is sap, you should buckler sometimes, without consequence you will not won't you need to restart if happen make a false move.

Globally, I give this play 4. Flyness level almost be overwhelming. Graphic art are handsome enough to, and sound is OK. To adventurous title made for children, that come in handy to play: It'll be draw small one attention and make them think sometimes. But play only is missing it certain something make it five - pointer.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Manley and Associates


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