Defender of Boston - The Rock Island Mystery
Defender of Boston - The Rock Island Mystery - náhled

Tim Wisseman, a jeho bratr Kenneth spolupracoval aby udělal herního ' ochránce bostonu ' na začátku 90s. Hra je kombinace záhady, science


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"I have a job to you, " declares man session beside you in pub.

"me?" You say.

"are you adventurer?"

eying his royal clothes you respond, "yes..."

your first search begins herewith symposiums. Main smaller games is very simple, you have you got list players, and you can either create new player, load, erasing key - or get out play. You can also set password and see some chicken about field (as are attributes). Plane glass surface illusory first, but you will get used to it very quickly thanks journal. Journal is list information desk and noticethat the you collected during your adventure. Operating controls be too easy, and you may use mouse for shift about games (I I prefer, to, because while using keyboard you move rather slowly).

Play they are trying to be combination RPG and FPS games. While no playing (making search) you have you got access to business, bank, restaurant, and list search. You have you got many kinds heros you can choose. A paladin, magician, even sailor, and much more.

As soon as you start play to, you will much disappointed. Graphic art be truly a terrible. Play do they really merry making, but graphic art succeed in destroy big part of it. Play is 3D, but all objects and enemy are 2D. It is difficult to see entries on podlazenebo comprehend where wall cliff ends. There are many trees everywhere, that simply they will block your look well your way, and be too frustrating.

Enemy (fairies, on first - level) shoot arrowthat the can easily be bend out if seen. Problem is, any time you get close to them (at least when they're sorting fighters), their AI is simply run off and fire away arrows (from their back...). There's a nice to various branch, sums, be subdivided into several lots, and food. You cannot carry too much sums in your knapsack, how so will slow down you. You have to exceed every while, another you happen female.

Strains and music are ok, but sometimes can be poisonous.

Globally, play do they really pleasant, and with many search forthat the you pick and you can choose your own way which to played.Graphic art be truly a bad, at least for year (1997), but if you can control is, play do they really whacking. I give play much 3.

Year of publication: 1997

Made by: United Software Artists


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