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Waterslide Island je arkáda s poněkud netradičním námětem - ježdění na tobogánu! O její vznik se zasloužil pouze jeden vývojář Jeff Boller,


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' perchance...?

it quaere most of us ask ourselves at least once in our lifes.perchance, at one point in mine life, I've done one thing instead of next?well, now you have you got chance to live virtual second life, and implore withdraw from another way in life. No, this play isn't like Sims (going to the toilet, taking children to school etc .), but it have more target the situations in somebody's life. You make up one's mind how does your character actor, be it how you would in reality or in completely alternative method. Play covers lifetime, congenitally deathly.

Of course, your reaction to another situation have their fall, so if did you tend to play matches when did you was to child, probably you would not be fit for any jobs how grown - ups. If did you lied much, then probably your parents will not be believe you when you are saying is that a wasn't you who ate it cream ice (in earnest !).

Play also reflects your age, so if did you two years old, you catch sight of things through eyes biennial kids. This means objects and situation will not be explained word for word, but rather a how do you perceive is experiencethat the you have you got. You acknowledge your selection pressing through space (nor entrance); when you print escape, you can make accessible icon for that does not constitute no specific situation like matrimonial icon for, bank's icon for, statistics etc .

play runs penalty in DOSBOX, but you can encounter a problem under normal DOS. Also, this file includes both Alter Ego Mans and will change ego Woman, so play any you think be more fit to you.

Year of publication: 1986

Made by: Activision Publishing, Inc.


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