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Alpha Waves Reviews

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Alpha waves (aka continuum) is 3D platform/ play riddle with vectorial graphic art. It's ones ofthe first 3D games released to PC. Play supports CGA, EGA, Tandy, Hercules and VGAGRAPHICS and Adlib/Soundblaster sound.

You control "mobile" which about bounce on tile that are scattered in gigantic cubic rooms.There's a six another mobile to elected, but as far as I know, only their appearancesare another - no their characteristics. Yet, another tile might be of another characteristics - somemove about, others do your mobile much high jump, divers they may even send you flying offsideways. Some rooms have wandering creatures that are not much incursive but can destroyyour mobile or reflect you about if you touch them.

Play has two play modes. Embattled mode your the point is to found all 16 crystalsscattered through play map. You limited time but you can obtain more time byentering unexplored rooms. Some door be blocked big dialling cubes which will send you flyingif, that you touch them. To clean your way you have to find and touch smaller cubes. In emotionmode you pick region play map which presents state of mind you wish to attained.Music, colours, and character room are help you come to state of mind.There is no time limit or score in this mode; you only look into rooms, which makes itgood practice for action mode. There is also multiplayer mode where two field canplay play gradual.

Alpha waves is fair play as soon as you get at the bottom of that and cerebral- biasing draft isinnovative say the least. Play be fairly difficult - especially embattled regimen becauseof time limit. So, I advisethat the you buckler often at playing embattled mode. Several negativepoints wouldn't stop you from checking those unique games.

When play calls for code in starting line only printing come in.

Embattled mode, time it seemsthat the will run too fast which makes play even more difficult. Reducing CPU cycles in DOSBOX help a little but too low value does play run too slow. For me optimum setting was to 1500 cycles.

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Infogrames


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