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Alice heads out along the river listening to her big sister read, fuss, from books she holds. A book without pictures or conversation, Alice ponders. What kind of books is that a? Dinah stray, to kill the time, so does Alenku. Alice, be too nosey child, run into by many diffusive and sometimes delicious thing at watching for her cat. After finding some sprites and nap , she notice nosey white rabbit and watch till then, than she finds outthat the she collapsing his hole. Her clothing parachutes up and she volplanes down to bottoms with only stroke.Rebuff her clothing and look around, she notice glass tables, on top of that is of small key and little bottle, that is of marked ' drink me.it lie real adventure begin as things growth "increasingly nosey."

Alice in Wonderland play card right play and large adventure for fans Lewisa Carrollovy ledger. If so have you read book, be done it seems much familiar and play will easy follow. I'd venture to saythat the the, who will never inarticulate story always will find play pleasant, but a little difficult. If you relish text games and story Aliciných adventure in wonderland you would agree with mine allowance 4.

AI Následujes instructions such as exit, troll, put in pocket, and food. A tenacious memory and/or piece of paper to delineavit map on also bear a hand. Only keep in mind to have a good time and trace what do you eat!

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Dale Disharoon, Inc.


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