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Airlift Rescue Reviews

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Airlift rescue is remake CHOPLIFTER which be too popular at the beginning 1980 - ovo on ATARI and APPLE-II basis.


did you pilot rescue helicopter. Your mission is to fly to mideastern terroristic allied substances and life - saving 64 surety which are held in four separate outhouses (16 in every outhouse) and fly back them to American embassy. Terrorists have seemingly infinite reserve tanks, jet fighter and gunship- hledání drone to prevented your success. Your helicopter will hold only 16 surety, so minimum from 4 mission must be flown to rescued all surety. Door 1st outhouse already are blown open and surety they will outside waiting up to you. You must shoot open surplus outhouse (or get tanks and aviation to do that) disengage surplus surety. Outhouse have to be open in good order (right to leave). Any time you land, surety come running and be entering helicopter. Once you have full deck cargo (16), fly back them to embassy and provincial on light green landing stuffing to the left of outhouse. Surety will get out helicopter and enters the embassy.

Operating controls

you may use keyboard or joystick to handled helicopter. If you use keyboard, cursor keys control direction helicopter moves (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT). CTRL KEY changes direction helicopter faces (SPHERICAL WAVE, LEFT, RIGHT). Free place fires helicopter weapon. If you use joystick, push pole rod forward come down, there is a draught back to move up, push left by motoring left, and pushs right go straight. Button #1 fires weapon. Button #2 changes directive gunship faces.

You get del credere commission if you save all 64!

Play is 2d and in realtime. The more suretythat the you save rougher it it seemsthat the get and it gets addictive the more you play to. Globally I had given to play 3/5.

Airlift rescue will ONLY run in dos or DosBox. If you try it in Windows or Mac Osovi that will lock and deep - freeze.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: David Fleming


Airlift Rescue - download


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