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Adventures of Tintin - Prisoners of the Sun, Reviews

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In Tintin - incarcerating Sun (or how I like call that: Tin pot), European personal Indianský Jones returns for third and final time.

Who's this Tintin? Tintin is sign from famous European graphic novels duly justified: "Tintin"that the be formed from George Remi (better known as Hergé) character Tintin is adventurous journalist which, along with friend of his Professor and captain cod fish, always succeed in announce most wonderful stories. His adventure spanned whole in the world of, from icebound wasteland of Siberia, to deepest Aztec ruins and even all the way to months.

Story action in Tintin: Convicts Sun be said over text balloons and small cut scenes in comic book- formě. In short: Professor be attacked and flyaway, Tintin and cod fish wants find Professor and his hijackers so get involved in action spanning of the whole in the world of. St. in one's own line platform plaies go, this have got enough unyielding story.

Good as I said before, than, story is small, portrayed well, and general better than to in most computer plaies. Graphic art are handsome and curly and are reminiscent you found in graphic novels. Sign can remove from with the sun, but also further into scenes (of meaning: from player), which forms some complicated situation in which the you have to observe movement your enemies and then time of your own movements. Nevertheless, this handsome feature can get poisonous because of to one of bad point in play (which I will be discussing further on) like backcloth, characters be right pulled and look much like the ones in graphic novels. A handsome little addition is that you can play to how Tintin, aswell how cod fish; It's handsome change from time, when you get tired of operating which sinewy news reporter.

Bad and unsightly while enemy can be nicely pulled, part of these are completely comical! To demonstrate: in first - level you must achieve manager museum you be in, sounds simple enough, directly? Bad, you have to bend out to other Professor and wranglers look - out museum. This set up next question: why? Did our expensive Tintin affronting club Professor in one of his articles and be as aim worldwide gang - up guidee insane Professor who have - not nothing better on the work of than stroll around muzea day - long? Perhaps he forgot to paid for his ticket and had to so give wide berth contact with all wrangler? One could supposethat the these Professor and guards are paid enemies to stopped Tintin, nevertheless Tintin can also injure oneself little girl with ball bound to or stick to her arms, is this girl also evil? Perhapsthat the she is in league with Professor or watchmen? Perhaps she came in contact with cursed memory and do they really demon from Nth dimension? Alternatively, creators they could not find no credible enemies and only throw in any accidental numbers which relish stealing Tintin - ovo lifeforce.

Next thing I come through highly annoying in Tintin: Convicts Sun was to timer, if our hero will not achieve his object before, than he runs out of time he malfunctions mission. Since, what do you needed study movement your enemies, a lot of time is losable and often you must be tabled before absolute luck to could surmount some of the hindrances (instead of assessing situation at hand)

sound featured in play isn't vain by inself, only... poisonous, and sometimes even impertinent. I'm also got sensation that the sound was a little dated for play made in the year 1997, same is true of graphic art.

Lockwork Tintin - convicts Sun is nice to games for Tintin - cheering and people which like PC games, but for occasional player it can get boring at the time. Mine proposal is: try to it for himself and sees if you like it, judicature from quantity given to by other critique chances is you will like play more'n I'm did (no as though I'm disliked play, only I have got several guts - ache)

Year of publication: 1997

Made by: Infogrames


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