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Adventures at mathematics be firm games for practicing basic operation mathematics. You be entering old castle and you must find exit at collection so by many treasures how you can. To could open up or collect treasures, you have to solve the problem. It is very simple and tend to be more interest than simply be mathematics quiz.

At the beginning you have to choose which operation you do you want practise and size fortified castle. Fortified castle is presort maze room. Middle fortified castle them as small with next rooms, while big fortified castle them as medium one’s next rooms. So, that is recommended, to children play in smaller fortified castle first until they nememorují rooms. Yet, even big fortified castle isn't too intricate. In the event that you visit same room again you will identification about it, so if you get lost, you will find correct way sooner or later. There is also two player mode in casethat the you do you want tamper with friend. Two field inquire into fortified castle under separate cover and play cut - outs to the other field down stream one made some progress.

Open up is easier than selection treasures. If your reply to was bad, you will shown correct one. You can try same action again solving more trouble. Nevertheless, you have you got but one try for certain treasures. If you are wrong, spider discovers and lump it away, but you get more points for treasures than door.

Numbers they may go up to 1000, so play not have to be best for presentation basic operation babies. They should practise easy question and later play Adventures at mathematics for others practice. Treasures and fortified castle surely they will interesting them, while problems they may be too provocative. Recommended for those that they need to coped basic operation.

Use RUN.BAT start play. Play labor under Windows but was likely to be work too fast. Use DOSBOX slow down it so you can read correct answerback.

Year of publication: 1983

Made by: IBM


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