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Adventure in Serenia Reviews

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Adventure is Serenia (how PC version be called) or at failing that knows Wizard and princess be done in year 1980, but wasn't publicize IBM for PCS into two years later. It be considered first text adventure who also incorporated graphic art and how perhapsthat the would be due legendary name Roberty and Ken Williams be past play.

Now from games be done in year 1980 cannot expectthat it%%= have plenty extra line, but you can already anticipate impassive Sierra death almost, that state their protective mark in their early adventurous peas.

Most text briefed and down to the pointthat the I think be thought by sufficient because there was also pictures to accompanying play and would you mind in reality see what is up. A you even get occasional mark from PC speaker of (fancyingthat the).

Play cognize NEWS shortcuts, so doesn't need to write GO NORTH always etc . there is also slightly more complex Regulationthat the you have to give, in which the you need to made two sentences (singly). First give orders and then give objection against interact with. Play she could not control complex order given in one’s line yet (so hold your instructions short).

There are many also words play doesn't know, but therefore recap be included (so you will not have to hurt your head at examiner end it) and there are some irregularity... I mean how can you return into of even seats always going north and will never once rotary south? Mine inner compass only went LOCO at playing those games and it is not good things.

Yet play is the first graphic adventure and surely merits his place at home Old DOS plaies (which Abandonia is) and that is not at all misplay. There be but little things, that will throw off you playing (like penis compass).


If there is much text soused no everything will shown and play stops. You must print bolt assembly roll to be able to continue by!

1) tightening Adventure in Serenia and extraction file (will unbutton).

2) put Serenia.img set into components DOSBOX nears to.

3) runs DOSBOX and start play: start C:SERENIA.IMG

Year of publication: 1982

Made by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.


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