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' You state at the end roads before small brick - built building. About you is wood. A small stream flow from outhouse and down gulch.....

it is start of. Start of Adventure, also known for how colossal zawn, but also start of adventurous plaies how we know them today.

This title, be history, also has interesting story. In the year 1973 his maker, Bill Crowther, was advance designer engaged on creation ARPANET. He and his wife used to be cavemans enthusiast, as well as regular dungeons and Dragons field.

In their spare time, Crowthers explored and mapped parts Mammoth and flint Ridge systems cave in Kentucky for Research base zawn.

During this period, couple of apportioned. To be near to his by two daughters, Crowther decided to write programme for their entertainment. A malingering those zawnthat the he look into, mingled with elements of his fancy roleplaying. They have fun that much, and play was overdue from friend to a friend during initial days internet.

In the end, in the year 1976, programmer Don woods finded copy, enjoy it also, and contacted Crowther ask whether he could expand it. Crowther put his permission. So woods, who loved mister rings trilogy, added some typical Tolkienovy elements as are fairies, Trolls and even volcano (inspired mountain destruction). Play was then completed as we know it today.

So what's conspiracy?

Did you adventurer, and your the point is to look into colossal zawn, finding and collects so much treasure how you can carry and return home whole and sound - and perhaps richer.

But take care: Most pilgrims who get inside weren't will never unseen again, as many monsters and danger lurk in darkness...

I know this can sound pretty simple for conspiracy and perhaps arrange sensation déjà- vu, but is the first play sui generis, it was very original at that time.

You you can move in ten directions, North - South - East - West - NE - NW - SE - SW and even up and down, type headquarters like GO NORTH or simply N.

Every time you move, you get small description seats, that you be in, entries which they may be lying around, and in which the directions you can act.

Nezapomeněte, you must act in play how you would in reality. So, if there is door northwardly, you will have to open it or you crush your nose thereagainst. Besides, monster standing in same rooms won't no will go considerate at you if you knock about too long.

You can find useful counsel writing HELP in any moment. A small menu will appear featuring some extra information desk, instruction etc ..

What more can say? Give some atmospheric music on, sit down and start your investigation colossal zawn!

This play requires WinFrotz interpreter. Easy, how ??

Good Luck, adventurers!

Year of publication: 1977

Made by: William Crowther & Don Woods


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