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I love this play. Everything. Time.

Eternities before there be but Avalon Hill - ovo civilization. It be one of the best strategic boardgames - unless best strategic boardgame. Further it is, as it has it cells - enough to complication, strategy, wars, business, wayward situation etc . - further, that governs no - "no reshape" each of them. They are all in perfect balance. A historically correct backcloth will never didn't hurt no strategic boardgame, especially no when play covers of the whole early human events. Quite worthy of note boardgame, perhaps...

After first civilization, two others subspecies games mature. There be wrapped up Sid Meier who play boardgame, and needless to say liked him it. A much. In the year 1991, he undid by its own version: Sid Meierova civilization. A play whose triumph would abided for years to come.

Next play which mature was Pokročilá civilization, expansion into Avalona Hill - ovo original civilization. It made several improvement and formed basis for play reviewed here. Play happen to be publicize almost in same time, like second part of the Sid Meierových be subdivided into several lots civilization. Guess which are sold and which are be abandoned on shelfs business to raise dust...

Advanced civilization be published for PC in the year 1996 how faithful converting boardgame. It succeed in abide original and catch his mood at encoring playing variant of and included possibility of play against computer. AI be created to be exceedingly advanced.

Phase: Play called - based. Every round consisted from thirteen phase, that were to be all connected to each other. In this way, each of them could influence possibilities action in incoming phases. Next may I serve as companion for beginners (read manuals is despite recommended).

Taxation: Cities demand taxation from citizen. After tax, taxation will put into treasure house later use it.

Expansion: Increasing population is represented through token. Number token added to a given province during those phase depends in number token already in province.

National census: In national census, population civilization is denumerable. Result national census corrects order in which the civilizations could move across map: civilization compressed population get into move first.

Craft: Craft civilization they may stand up and trim treasure house or by using token on ship-building sector. Upkeep by boat isn't obligatory; you can simply interrupt it in some /every /no given to wheel.

Movement: Order in which the token and craft move is intended national census.

Conflict: In those phase you need to resolve conflict incurred town be attacked or overpopulation province tenanted by of several by other civilization

cities: You build cities placing six token on province with "town mark", or placing twelve token on province without one's.

Overpopulation: If number token in square is superior to it should have been, that need to be reduced. Also, dispraise unsupported cities they will done in those phase ( town needs two token to be backed).

Obtaining store cards: There it is one o'clock card behind town, go from less valuable to more valuable goods. You can also buy gold in those phase.

Business: Some cards up - value by other, and there is also possibility of bluff and traffic certain cards calamity.

Calamity: Except gained goods, each of nine piles cards also includes cards calamity. In this phase calamities (piracy, erupting volcano, famine etc .) will take effect. cards

civilization: In those phase you obtain cards civilizationthat the give another benefit for civilization and which add in credits to its levels of rise. You need definite number cards and certain rise in the standard to she could have advance to new era. markers

sequence: Rise to new era they will take place in those phase.

Play principal aim differs from the the in the most strategic peas: it is about rise, no about conquest. In play world, inbreak they will nonsensical and tied on fail. You can only win variation in among business, rise and reservation mother's land; namely at all isn't easy to won.

Play be great at every regard: store suit is complex, battles are simple, and there are such things, like rise, population growth etc . did you could even call play graphic art gorgeous. But play true excellency lies no in each of those smaller lynxs but in his severe rules and principle uncertainties: your empire can come under single turn, but it can rise again from rooted in ashes in another turn. You need to foresaw it and be ready.

Divers they may call that uselessly difficult; I call that perfection.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Avalon Hill


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