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Real-time strategy na motivy hry Dune 2 s trošičku horší grafikou a hudbou, ale místy lepšími nápady. Podporuje multi-player po modemu a se


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It is converting SEGA- ovo hit fecit originally for Sega consols. Later, core design converted this play on all popular basis at that time. Play is rising- scrolling shooter, single-level memory and merry making on short term. Every converting succeed. How are you probably divining, PC converting is not as good how others (except perhaps spectrum) but is more'n adequate (although little hard at the time).

Did you spy, drive in three by other vehicles. There it's five mission you need to fetched and every mission be divided in two parts: first is drive through street and second take place in mid air. At the beginning mission, you get short debate about chief enemy it is assumedthat the you destroy at the end.

Every level start off by you drive wheels. You have to drive through street which go on and on about something in circles. You be too vulnerable by bicycle, because autos they may slip you. You can also die if you struck car from behind. So, cannot really drive at maximum speed if you won't you want to prove your retroflexion. Concerning your weapon, your weapon fires gigantic gooly. You need to fired enemy vehicles to she could have destroy is or simply push is off the track. There's a bank on each side roads, so cannot accidentally drop life, nevertheless one may strike you thereinto.

How do you fire away more and more enemies, letters discovers (you may see mail - box from and to F above action cathode - raytube) and you should lift is.When you lift letter ' D', wheel change about car. Now you can slip wheels and strike next autos more safely.After collection ' F ' you will only need ride up to a close roads, because that cock won't fight for ever thenceforward on. At the end roads there'll ramp and your vehicle will transform into aviation.

Aircraft can fire away and throw bombshells underfoot purposes. While in mode aviation, there will also be letters to pick, but they be but different improvement. You only need to flew and militate against by various enemies till then, than you achieve ends levels of, where big enemy from debate is expectative. "front office" are not claims to destroyed as soon as you get skilled in play.

On both parts level, some friendly vehicles they may seem. They're easy notice, because all other vehicles will disappear and your friend will have SEGA written on their rooftop. You only need to drove/fly in into them (something already seen in Spy Hunter) and you come out weapons improvement. Except reduplication your arms/rackets, you can get "rear laser" it holds you proof against fast vehicles coming from the at the back. If you drop life, you drop all improvement with it also.

At drive on the streets there'll small arrow in the middle of angular point show you next veer. It really does help. Also, there's a foreign gunship coming from time to time. At you are driving wheel, that will not hurt you, but if tool, that will begin flying gratuity. You you can bend out bombs or destroy it if you have you got rackets (second arms update).

This play she might be better in many aspects simply comparison to its counterpart of on Amigaovi or C64. Nevertheless, that provide you with some merry entertainment, and what more is there, to expect from games?

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: SEGA Entertainment, Inc.


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