Faery Tale Adventure II - Halls of the Dead
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Právě jako jeho předchůdce, toto je určen pro být úvodní hry pro RPG žánr. Vy znovu se setkáte s tři bratry Julian, Phillipem a Kevinem.


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Pac - Man plateaux computer game(plateaux) mature Japanese society Namco. Pac - Man see the light in Japan 22. May 1980. Nasledně become play very popular, as far as cultic and her influence persisted up to this day.

player play for yellow wheel gluttonous of per os and eye, Pac - Manathat the have as one's task eat all dots, them is filled - out maze. Like baddy against him costs four coloured spirits, who him hunts. When him spirits catches, player loses one of three lifes and begins again in the middle of maze.

Year of publication: 1980

Made by: Atarisoft


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