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Shuttle je moc realistická simulace raketoplánu, určený pro hráče který chce velkou výzvu.

Hra: 4/5

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Alley Cat Reviews

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Alley Cat arcade from 80. years. Play does not contain no story.

play for vagabond catthat the walk about the town, prance around multifamily house and collects mice. Sometime will last than play learn sadly ovldátdat, but as far as that get at the bottom of, play will much funnier.

Vaším aim be carried out some mischief (eat fishlet in aquarium, drink up to all dogs saucer with milk, eat bird or hunt up all mouse, that settle down in gruyere) accidentally rebel open up window.

performance mission you try zkomlikovat broom, dogs atp. After successful performance one's imposition obtain a lot of points and you can leap into window with bonusovým levelem, where try fight to cat.

play is leading out in perfect cga graphic art music matches music in PC gamete year 1984. :)

Year of publication: 1984

Made by: IBM


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