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Málo kdo ví, kdo stojí za touto logickou populární hrou - Ztracený Vikingové. Jako svojí první hru ji vydala na PC společnost Silicon & Syna


Alone in the Dark Reviews

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Alone land the Dark is hororová action adverbial. Is that a first volume those set from no so much known firm Infrogrames.

play was at the time publication (1992) on the whole revolutionary, brought traverse mock - up for your hero.

story be enacted on a large scale house on behalf of Derceto, in which the reputedly frightens. Not long ago there hang owner, Jeremy Hartwood. Up comes private eye Edward Carnby, door mysteriously close and after sometime play begins.

in short hororová atmosphere would that put cut.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Infogrames


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Přidal Angelo

adedf 24.02.2012 reaguj

greate game!!!
adedf 24.02.2012 reaguj

greate game!!!