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Wolfeinstein 3D je jedna z prvních známějších 3D akčních her z "vlastního pohledu", která se dostala do povědomí hráčů.


Abuse Reviews

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fable games is Nick Vrenna, that were unjustly imprisoned in prison, where staff do unethical medical experimentation on incarcerating. Breaks revolt, during níž will escape material develop in - prison scientists. People inside prison - except poopthat the appears to be immune - tainting by this one materialthat the transforms people into monsters. This material give a name Abuse.

Nick regaining laser weapon and now face task. Destroy all mutants, stop next diffusion material and get away from in - prison complex.

story consists of combating by various enemies (mostly various forms mutants, who attacks in groups of) and solving simple riddles, most often comprehensive brain - teasers with hangs-over gate.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Electronic Arts


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