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You enact cub boy whose families edge extinction, only themselves and your father be abandoned once noble family. After Vasco da Gamův splendid return to Portugal in 1498, your father is inspired to made similize expidition into India and renew glory of your families. Did you left at Lisabonu study, while your father leave for new land. Unfortunately navigation terminate death your father in treacherous waters. Mate is the only survivor and together you make up one's mind finish what your father will never didn't manage, and you start preparation boats for unchartered waters.

What struck me at once about those play was astonishing music. That only urged me go "whoah" from first notes. It really edits subject games totally. The rest games is also much well done, and easy to learned / knew. It's store play, give it to simply. Using small money you have you got, you need to refit ship manned, water and food, and of course store share. Then sail to other ports and sell your goods top prices.

Play plane glass surface is simple combination window scenarios and information window, and from games can be controlled in conjunction with mouse, navigation really be easy. Left side- clicks to confirmed, right - click to sank. Only thing, what can be illusory is actual heat price navigation. Your crew will sail in the same direction till then, than you give alias writ... so if you will not issue no order at the beginning, you will aim at America (without enough to foods and waters). To wheel or issue order your crew, only clicks on right- knoflík. Play will deep-freeze and mate will ask for your order. It's like this simple and function how it gets.

So have you obtain new capabilities and better myth, that you act, make it easier forthat the you hire new and better crew, and of course buy more by boat.

Play no shows your placed in a map world, so you will need background knowledge geography if you refuse completely get lost.

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: KOEI Co., Ltd.


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