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Here's next delightful clone famous snake, this time instead of snakethat the you control worm. Well, I think all of you keep in mind Nibbly at all events. You must collect all dots in dull time. Every time you food/fetch one, you happen bigger. You must run through cathode - raytube and escape biting your own tail (aren't eternal snake - even when play is clone snake).

Play alone be too coloured (although colours screenshot exactly neshodovou the seen in play). I had a like especially delightful little introduction. It's amusing and makes you feel all oscillating inside.

So level at the level you get into gobble dots, collection can ups on way and you only have dull time to finished by any level. Every set level is represented another placed in a map and as soon as you end them all (in it is not no snap), in the end you will have hangdog play.

I know, that mustn't it sound like much, but strains, cheery colours and pure for analysis simplicity cogitations do this highly addictive!

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Cosmos


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