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Prophecy 1 - The Viking Child Reviews

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Life could it be as easy for small Viking Briana. But one day, when captain of his sent him find out herbage while bad godly Lokiův nobody's village he live in and take sb. prisoner Brianovu whole family. Nevertheless, augur gods foretold as though our young hero once will whacking Viking leader so he ride on search to rescued his family and restore the peace in troubleshooting lands.

Brianovy adventure take him to by many dangerous seat on Odinově world. He wander through dark labyrinths, dark woods and even browse pyramid. He meets by many enemies and bad creatures and will have to contend eight apprentices dark lord's Lokia. Fortunately Brian meets friendly marketers on his search which will sell arms and magic entries from their business in zawns and houses everywhere in the country. Even if these entries they may bear a hand our hero on his search he always needs use everything his skills to could save his loved ones who's scattered somewhere in sixteen virtuous lands which they need be visited.

When search notching his finale, Brian faces Lokiovi himself. Loki needs be beaten out for ever so that the bad son whacking Odina already will never be able bring demolition and deaths virtuous provincial. After succeed, prophecy is replete and gods will reward little Briana. Viking's child's family is united again - happy ending.

This jump and run play is merry making! Well, we be heard stories this way three milliard time before but Brian do they really sweet protagonist really that needs your reinforcing. (If you don't help him he even heaven didn't move...) will jump your road from level to straight, collect coin, find hidden dealings, disclose enemies (that are sometimes secretion) finish your office and jump and runs even more... - level code that are provided during games, you can restart in by other seats - to those, who nezahrájí of the whole it in one session.

Graphic art are delightful! We lack how fluent animation how we have in Prince Persie but Brian is amusing boy. Bellowing (at least he looks like it) when he coincides somewhere and always will look into the rest levels of smilingly on his face. You control him with cursor keies. Withdraw from entrance to entered business and printing space to chose your special arms. To fire away special weapons using downward tendency- šíp. (that is of very bad key therefor, because at minded move Brianem you hit this key from time to time by mistake, so perhapsthat the you will want to change operating controls by using equipment.exe).

Sound is fine ! Unfortunately GameTek forgot to supported sound card but if you withdraw from MPU401+MT32 combination how sound- zdroj will you wield power handsome sound background which befit totally into those games!

Wake friend hereof genre I can only advise to played this play! There is nothing loss except in sound effect and operating controls are quite good. I arrange allowance 4 stars for this play which somehow (and me don doesn't know why) no - hasn't done its way heavenward branches.

Use DOSBOX at speeds of somebody's about 1500 cycles.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Imagitec Design


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