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BMW M3 Challenge je oficiální hrou pro propagaci vozu BMW M3. Ve hře se vám představí nejen M-trojka ve své plné kráse, s realistickým ovlád


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Already was sometimes hear from Arkanoid? I I hopethat the are did if you find myself true player. Yes, that is adjustment good ol - ův Arkanoid. But no only ANY adjustment. This do they really good. It has much new election and hindrances: moving enemy (e.g. lighter, boiling pot, eye, moving head...), much sums to rallied, another levels of etc ....

Subject games is to destroyed every step ladderthat the you do you see on straight small ball as though you must not drop below young manthat the you control. It cannot be simpler, but in all that simplicity it is still very difficult and merry making. Every level is different from next, some be too difficult because you have to exactly strike step ladder, divers be just about poisonous because they last too much and you always pass ladders. :(

there are many letters you can collect. Letters seem often when you struck step ladder and start fall. You have you got two possibilities: implore collect letter (if you want to collect it) and hazard lets your ball fall (you drop life), or troubles with letters. I will design for you implore collect letters, at least most important .


A - upsets everything effectsC - adhesive substance; your ball pole rod your step ladder and you can run it any time you do you want and wherever you wantV - life+ - opens secret level and if you run through it you immediately run through to the next level, if you failthat the you don't drop life, you only get back to your current levelF - impose barriers below your step ladder for span, sothat the your ball cannot fall and cannot drop life as :)M - stops all enemies from shift for bigger time period (I don't like this letter, because when you kill enemy with your ball you hit, and at the beginning of each of 10.000 score gives you survival)I - sends your ball in turned - up wrong way about direction (if your ball falling it'll be take off going, and opposite)L - gives you couple of lasers, so that you can fire at enemies and in step ladder (very good letter)S - slows downyourmíč bitT - rends your ball in three

why I like this play so much is as though I'm used to play it long ago, and when I saw it little days ago, that returned much remembrances. So does it has much election Arkanoid is missing. Like shift enemies, secret levels of you have to run through if you want to go immediately to the next straight, small ladders which her your ball and publication it in another same step ladder (some kind teleportation), parachutes as though your ball can hit and then slowly fall back to you...

Graphic art are classical CGA, but never mind in these peas. Strains a little poisonous, so I'm turned it except. A most important thing is play. Sometimes you have a good time, but on some levels, that you get bored to death, especially if your ball stacks somewhere and only thing thing you can do is to prayed shift enemies to stand in his manner of sothat it%%= can fetch round.

Trust you will everything have a good time like I'm did! You better start right now...

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Lacral


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