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Je to velmi zajímavý aby vyhrabal nějaký dlouhý-zapomenutý titul který ukazuje se být hodně veselé zábavy a vysoce zábavný. Rozvažování ž


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News - boy is simple yet comical no- mozková play. You enact boy examiner get his paper transport houses while give wide berth hindrances. Walls, autos, fences, rolling tires and even people block your way. You have you got 5 lives use, always, when you struck something life walks. So have you have you got limited number of paper, and you can lift more ride over stacks to the left street.When you go house and ' subscriber ' appear on your status bar down, throw paper. You get more point striking definite region, such as mail - box, front - gate or discard stand.

Graphic art are either EGA or CGA. Screenshot are EGA version. Sound is per cent speaker of and is the only music, there be no land - gamete strains. Writing 1 run EGA and 2 run CGA. You can will overstate drive keys, but main(only) slip - up isthat the you MUST will overstate is every time you play to, but compression go away, directly, up, down and space is passable price to paid. ALT will stop play and CTRL will continue by it and ESC leave them as though you play to.

Always interested? Go sell some paper!

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Atari, Inc.


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