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To je opravdu temná hra která trvala mě 11 let aby dostaly mé ruce na! Jako děcko, které já jsem hrál na demoverzi která přišla s vydáním


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It is five - star play.

Seriously. I don't pother, what of the whole Mariovo fans or Screwattacks or any word about this, I I thinkthat it%%= be fine play.

Mariova play gallery, made teamwork, is basic collection social plaies; Lady's, Backammon, go fish, yacht (Yahtzee) and dominoes. Games are simple, merry making and easy to study / knew , also. It's perfect time- zabiják.

Now, what's gold about those play is Mario himself: He's your host of and opponent of in every play. Also, this is the first play in which the Marioovi spoke. Yes, our beloved tinsmith speaks in those play - more lines than in any other playthat the he was v. In spite of how horrible this sounds, his totally humorous and probably give you nice to laughter or two (examination playing "go fish", you catch sight of what I mean). Mariův voice is provided from Charlesa pedant, manthat the continued in so even up to the present day. Bless him.

It is not finite game, not even longest or anything like that, but I'm was had explosion playing it. Really merry making and quite entertainment. Thanks, Mario.

Play be later again- slack how badly named Mariovy FUNDAMENTALS. Lack try it on myself, but I heard as though it is technically same play.

Technical remark: This play works nicely on both Windows XP and DOSBOX. Nevertheless, introduction is trouble on DOSBOX when seen on fullscreen, and on XP I no - succeed in get music to work. Your choice.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Presage Software, Inc.


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