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In the country Sozz, there be no poverty of covers, but there's a another problem: nobody soever troubled to close down these potholes. It's your work to protected Sozzians from a fall into these and becomes injury. ; grandfather left you only thing manhole cover in the country, and you need to use it well.

How you are now familiar with story those games, it is time get some information desk about how sham. On every cathode - raytube, named street, you have you got four covers to covered. By pressing corresponding key, did you able give manhole cover over one these holes. You need to kept by any hole shut when somebody implore walk over it as well as hold water drops from falling inside. It sounds quite easy, but sometimes - even early in rungs games - you will have to move quickly, how people often go over multiple covers almost at the same time. On later levels there are some additional element - people can get at abstracts or sliding floors - namely does play a little harder.

Globally play is not very merry entertainment, and folk - custom blunder sometimes checkmates to covered all covers. Play no - have not got lowest score, because I find people quite amusing and I'm enjoyed vision that would come next. If you you do not have nothing better on the work of or just want prove your reflexed, give it a try; failing that, there are a lot of better plaies on Abandonia.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: N.K. Dann


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